Enable embedded videos?

For demonstration purposes, a short video of a screen-grab may be more illuminating than a series of static screenshots - the Windows 11 Snipping Tool now makes it really easy to create an MP4 of an area of the screen.

Currently only the following media extensions are configured in the PD Community:

AVIF appears to be a possibility (smaller file sizes, no audio) but it’s several extra steps to do the conversion from MP4 to AVIF first.

It appears to be a relatively simple Admin setting to include MP4 file extension:
Can you upload video(s) in posts? - support - Discourse Meta

Please consider enabling it if possible / appropriate - Thanks

Try that now @Adrian_Johnson ?

I tried just now - I’m afraid I still get the ‘file you are trying to upload is not authorised’ message when trying to drag an mp4 across.

OK. I think I fixed it in the right place now :slight_smile:
I think I applied it in the theme settings piece …

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Yep - that works now. Thanks! :slight_smile: