ReportMagic 3.13: LogicMonitor DataMagic - Microsoft SQL Server Support

Finally - all* your LogicMonitor data securely synced to Microsoft SQL Server instance as a LogicMonitor Datamart! We can now sync to:

  • your cloud-hosted Microsoft SQL Server
  • your cloud-hosted Postgres server
  • our hosted Postgres server

Azure, AWS and Google are all supported.

We call it “LogicMonitor DataMagic” and it’s no additional cost to ReportMagic Enterprise customers from version 3.13, planned for Generally Availability next month. All the key dimension tables are there!** If you’d like a demo today, hit @Limbrey or @Johan_S up :slight_smile:

*excluding raw time series data. Specific, aggregated time series data CAN be synced down to the instance level, subject to time constraints and with the following aggregations at the monthly level:

  • Centile05
  • Centile10
  • Centile25
  • Centile50
  • Centile75
  • Centile90
  • Centile95
  • AvailabilityPercent
  • First
  • Last
  • FirstWithData
  • LastWithData
  • Min
  • Max
  • Sum
  • SumSquared
  • DataCount
  • NoDataCount
  • NormalCount
  • WarningCount
  • ErrorCount
  • CriticalCount

** for the Entity Framework nerds, here’s a glimpse at the DbContext: